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    When you are dealing with legal cases, it is best to hire an attorney you can trust to see you through your legal woes to the brighter side. At the legal offices of Barbara K. Lewinson, Attorney at Law of East Brunswick, New Jersey we believe in providing the best legal services as though we were defending ourselves. Whether you are facing criminal charges, have been injured, considering a divorce and need a family lawyer, or feel you are a victim of medical malpractice, our team has your back. Contact us now at 732-246-6888 to schedule your free consultation and let us develop a legal plan.


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    Barbara K. Lewinson has practiced law in New Jersey for over 30 years, having been admitted to the Bar in December 1981.

      She has a general practice, and has been involved in complex civil litigation involving multiple parties being highly successful. The areas of litigation, include but are not limited to, negligence matters, personal injury, matrimonial and commercial as well as criminal cases.

        In addition to practicing as an attorney, Barbara K. Lewinson’s education includes a Master’s Degree from the University of Wisconsin, a Doctor of Education Degree from Rutgers University and a Juris Doctor degree from Rutgers University. Further, she taught at the college level for a number of years and was heavily involved in Urban Education and Urban Planning issues which are highly relevant in all aspects of what is happening in cities today. Additionally, she published a number of articles in connection with her work.

        As of July 2nd, 2017, Barbara has been admitted into the prestigious group, "Top American Lawyers."

        It is with great pride and honor that the Top American Lawyers announces the admission into membership of Top 1% Attorney Barbara K. Lewinson. Barbara K. Lewinson exemplifies what a Top American Lawyer stands for, including honesty, integrity, professionalism, and grit.

        Only the best of the best attorneys are granted membership in Top American Lawyers. Top American Lawyers vets each member via a peer review panel to determine whether or not candidates meet the requirements of such a distinguished honor. Only after a candidate has been vetted and found to meet these requirements are they allowed admission.

        Barbara K. Lewinson has demonstrated what it takes to be a Top American Lawyer. They put forth the professional attributes necessary to be the Top 1% of Attorneys in their state and are considered among the best attorneys. The Top American Lawyers is proud to have Barbara K. Lewinson as a new member in its ranks.

        Additionally, Barbara is a member of the American Association for Justice, formerly Association of Trial Lawyers of America. She was a member of the ATLA New Jersey Board of Trustees.
        Barbara is also a member of the New Jersey State Bar Association.

          Contact us now at 732-246-6888 to schedule your free consultation and let us have your back now at the beginning when it matters the most.
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